compiled a comprehensive list of over 300 open source projects in healthcare

In 2010 the Medfloss website was founded with the mission to provide a comprehensive and structured overview of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects in the domain of health IT. An open and interactive platform was established where people can add, rank and comment projects.

Considering the actual results the mission is fulfilled. currently hosts:
– 315 medical FLOSS projects that can be browsed by application type, enterprise function, standard and popularity
– 103 companies and other institutions that are offering professional service for specific FLOSS projects
– 270 references to scientific publications about the utilization of FLOSS in health care
– a detailed overview of past and future FLOSS events like the Med-e-Tel 2015 Open Source Village or MEDINFO 2015 Workshop: Free/Libre/Open Source Software on eHealth toward universal health coverage

Our cordial thanks goes to all the contributors that already made and hopefully will continue to make use of the open content concept by revising/extending existing information or adding new content!
For more information about the site and its objectives please refer to the mission statement or just visit the Bazaar of Medical Free/Libre and Open Source Software at

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